Not Just Another Pool: Creating the Ultimate Fantasy Experience

Glen Hoos




Ed. Note: This article marks the first instalment of The Commissioner's Office, a new regular column on DobberHockey that will examine issues that concern fantasy league commissioners – but hopefully will be of interest to all readers. In the months ahead, we'll be looking at league and draft formats, the plusses and minuses of counting various scoring categories, rule debates, dispute resolution, boosting GM interest and involvement, and much more. Today's piece is reprinted from a couple years ago, but serves as a fitting kick-off.


There are hockey pools… and then there are fantasy leagues.


There are thousands of people who are content with joining a typical pool, whose priorities are in order and whose self-esteem and personal happiness aren't tied up in the performance of their team. They are, in a word, normal. Some take it extra casually, scarcely giving their team a thought before or after draft day. You know the type… twenty minutes before the office draft, they can be found frantically trying to print off last year's stats from During the draft they say things like, "I thought Jeff Carter plays for Philly," and then they try to draft Brian Rafalski, blissfully unaware that he just retired. In other words, they don't take their fantasy hockey all that seriously… not that there's anything wrong with that.


Then there are others of us – and if you're reading this, you're probably one of us. Driven by unfulfilled dreams of becoming an NHL GM, we spend untold hours trolling the internet for the tiniest scrap of information that could potentially impact our fantasy team – even in the dog days of summer. Our draft lists undergo more revisions than a federal tax bill, and our wives and girlfriends frequent sites like this. Some may say we have too much time on our hands (and they're probably right), but those people obviously haven't experienced the thrill of a last-minute empty net goal that secures a much needed victory.


As a certifiable member of the fantasy hockey obsessed, a few years ago I set out to create a league that only a true geek could love. Is it over the top? Absolutely. But it's a whole lot of fun, an