September 17, 2011

Jeff Angus



Was out all day taking part in the Canuck Place charity Adventure Race in North Vancouver today (pretty tough course, kayak/mountain bike/trail run events). Amazing event for an incredible charity – more on Canuck Place here.


Anyway, some thoughts from my friend at day one of Canuck camp:


Keith Ballard was flying (well not really, but he was skating well). Looked night and day better compared to last camp when he was coming off of a hip injury. Looked to be skating with confidence. He was paired with Chris Tanev.


Owen Nolan showed some jump and more than held his own. I think he’s got a great shot at the fourth line RW spot.


Mikael Samuelsson also looked really good – he’s likely to replace Ehrhoff on the top PP unit, and should be a lock for 25+ goals now that he’s healthy.


Dean Lombardi is taking a hard line with Drew Doughty. Some like the decision, some don’t. Is Doughty one day going to be worth $7 million or more? Very likely. However, the Kings have decided that they don't want to give him a penny more than the $6.8 Kopitar makes.


Frankly, I think it is stupid in a cap era to set a cap on what a player earns. The real indicator is percentage of overall cap hit. For example, Kopitar signed his deal when the cap was lower, meaning his $6.8 million at the time took up a larger percentage of the overall team cap than it does now.


Luke Schenn signs a nice five year deal. Cap hit $3.6 million – as more and more leagues start to incorporate hits, his value will only rise.


Montreal had their physical testing yesterday – Alexei Emelin looks a little… shall we say… fat? I drafted him this past summer in my keeper league, but this poicture doesn't really show a hard off-season of training.


Copper & Blue with five things they are excited for – hint, RNH is one of them. I would be too. Kid is unbelievably talented. Who knew that tanking for three straight years would pay off?

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Crosby has been cleared for non-contact practice. I wonder who he will line up with? Kunitz and Neal, most likely.


Mike Fisher's recovery from summer shoulder surgery is going