Why Hockey Pool Geek Kicks Ass

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Probably the most in-depth fantasy team analysis tool available. Nobody knows better than I do the amount of different league formats that are out there. And the cookie-cutter rankings systems that are available are great as a “guide”, but they don’t do the job needed. With thousands of different possible combinations – not just statistical, but positional…or even weighted stats – it’s impossible.


Well with HPG – problem solved.


The video doesn’t do this kick-ass tool justice. My words typed right here on your screen does not do this kick-ass tool justice. The best thing you can do for your fantasy squad is give me 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes. Go to Hockey Pool Geek and take advantage of the FREE one-day trial. Put in your team. Put in your league settings. Play around with it. Check out their new tool – the DRAFT GURU.


In the end, your game plan will be laid out clearly in front of you. Finally, you can stop flailing around in the water and start swimming for shore! Look what HPG did for Angus’ team. Need another example? Here’s another team. And another.

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