Forensics – The Roto Rater

Jason Arbuthnot




Last week, you were all witnesses to me losing my cherry. As awkward as it was to have you all there during my deflowering, I enjoyed the experience immensely. My initial article covered the basics of using a handful of Frozen Pool tools to dig up early season talent. Once November arrives, those gems are no longer flying under the radar. Your competitors have long uncovered them and have the edge on your team. It's time to pan the waiver wire and concentrate on short-term flyers!


A couple of my tools haven't been properly explained (my bad), so I thought I would expand on last week's newbie guide and create an intermediate sequel.  The Roto Tools aren't as self-explanatory as Compare-A-Player, so this is a perfect time. Our first foray into the advanced tools will be the RotoRanker.


Some players are very strong in one category but defecate the bed in everything else.  This might be fine for a throwaway PIM goon on your squad but there's a reason why Chara, Perry, OV, Stamkos, Kesler & Staal are rotisserie darlings. In standard Yahoo Roto leagues, they are called 6-Tool (aka Multi-Cat) players.


What if there was a way to quantify all the player categories and list the top overall 6-Tool players?? Hmm if only something that fantastic existed… if only… ok fine – loaded question. Here's the RotoRanker output for the Top 10 Rotisserie players of 2010-2011.


frozen pool


Each statistic for each skater is ranked. As you recall, Corey Perry won the Rocket Richard trophy. Ipso facto, he was first in goals (G).  He was 11th in assists and so on. As you traverse across his statistical rankings, you come to the Score column. This is a composite score of all his rankings; in other words, the sum of all the ranks. A lower Score means a higher rank average. Make sense? I'll pretend you said "Absolutely! Tell me more!".


Not only can you look at the whole season but also you can select yesterday, last three days, week, two weeks etc… It's quite a powerful tool a