Ottawa trades Rundblad for Turris

Jeff Angus





Fantasy Impact: The Coyotes have traded away Kyle Turris to Ottawa in exchange for David Rundblad and a 2nd round draft pick.


The Senators get: first and foremost, a player who wanted out of Phoenix. Turris was a scoring star in junior hockey, but the Coyotes rushed him to the pro game after one year in college. He will fill a short term and a long term need in Ottawa, as there is nothing after Jason Spezza up the middle (from an offensive standpoint, at least). The Senators have coveted him for quite some time, and he will be given every opportunity to succeed.


The Coyotes get: Don Maloney handled the Turris situation fantastically, from start to finish. He got Turris to sign on his terms, and he managed to bring back a blue-chip prospect (and a really good draft pick) for a player who wanted out. Rundblad has been struggling defensively at the NHL this season, but he has elite offensive upside. He'll join a stable of really good young defensemen in Phoenix.


Fantasy Players Impacted:

Turris' value increases dramatically, obviously. Peter Regin gets bumped down the depth chart (hopefully he doesn't hurt his shoulder on the way down). The Coyotes have a decent defensive group and will probably send Rundblad to the AHL (at least to start). In a few years, imagine a top four with Yandle, Ekman-Larsson, Rundblad, and Brandon Gormley? Wow.


I think you could view this trade as a way of Ottawa saying that Jared Cowen's strong play season has made Rundblad expendable. Even though they are different defensemen stylistically, there is only so much ice time to go around for rookies.


In Phoenix, this gives Cal O’Reilly some more ice time to work with. It may also open up a spot for Patrick O’Sullivan to return to.


I am a bit surprised Ottawa parted with Rundblad so quickly. His numbers last year in Sweden were ridiculous, and they do have a few young centers for next season (Zibanejad, most notably).


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Fantasy players this helps, in order:

1. Turris

2. Cal O’Reilly


Fantasy players this hurts, in order:

1. Maxim Goncharov

2. Regin

3. Gormley

4. Chris Summers

5. Rundblad (short term – likely to the AHL)

6. Stephane Da Costa