December 31, 2011

Jeff Angus



Just wanted to wish everyone on the site (writers, readers, and of course the boss man himself) a very Happy New Year. 2011 has been the busiest year for me yet, as I have taken on a bigger role here, as well as a few other writing gigs as well (in addition to my “real life” job). Writing and following hockey are both passions of mine, and it has been extremely rewarding to turn those passions into something I get paid to do.


I have grown immensely as a writer, thanks in large part to feedback from my readers. For people that want to get into writing, practice really is the best way to get better. The year wasn’t a great one for hockey (concussions and some untimely passings…), but we saw some great hockey in the playoffs. The best teams in the league (Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh) all play exciting and different brands of hockey.


There is no set way to build a team any more, which is great. Some teams beat you with depth, goaltending, and physical play (Boston). Some outskate you (Chicago), some out skill you (Detroit) and others force you to take penalties and make you pay (Vancouver). Elliotte Friedman touched on the different strengths of each elite team in his recent 30 Thoughts column, as well.


For how big the site has become, it is amazing that we have managed to keep the ‘community’ feel. There are minimal fires to put out (and our mods do a great job of cleaning up), and people are extremely supportive and genuinely interested in helping each other out. We all share a love for hockey (and fantasy hockey in particular), and that shines through each and every day. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend (Canucks/Kings on the tube, potluck with some friends, doesn’t get much better for me) and a great 2012 year – Angus


Roberto Luongo, a player who usually on the receiving end of criticism from many (including myself), is delivering right now. In December, he has gone 9-2-1 with a 1.87 GAA and a .934 SV %. He won’t shed his reputation until he can deliver consistently in the playoffs, but he has regained his status as one of the best goalies around. Just needs to get those awful starts figured out…


Was awesome to see Eric Lindros in Flyers colors skating around today. Certain players “are” the team they play or used to play for. That is exactly the case with Lindros and Philadelphia.


Down Goes Brown unveils their NHL year in review piece for 2011.


June 23 – The Flyers trade popular stars Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to free up cap space to sign Ilya Bryzgalov to a massive contract, according to an announcement from someone who looks suspiciously like the casting director for HBO’s 24/7 series wearing a Paul Holmgrem mask.”


Nick Backstrom has six points in his last five games.


Perception vs. Reality – the Alex Burrows Story. Give my latest piece a read.


One day left in 2011…. check out my year in review from last week right here.


Luke Adam had only two goals and two assists in 13 December games.


Christian Ehrhoff will be out for weeks after fighting Troy Brouwer, according to coach Lindy Ruff. You can't take the Canucks/Blackh