Carolina lands Dadonov

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Fantasy Impact: The Carolina Hurricanes acquired Evgeni Dadonov and A.J. Jenks from the Florida Panthers for Jonathan Matsumoto and Mattias Lindstrom.


The Panthers get: a project in Lindstrom, who is a big power forward with two-way skills. He ranks 427 on my Fantasy Prospects List, which is on the low side due to how far off he is from producing at the NHL level or even making the NHL. However, the raw tools are there, as well as the size and Panthers have time to wait. Matsumoto is a productive AHLer who could probably succeed as a fourth or even third liner in the NHL if given the opportunity. Odds are that he won’t be given that opportunity, unless a slew of injuries strike the pro roster. Just one of those players who are plentiful, with nothing in particular that makes him stand out from the others.


The Hurricanes get: Jiri Tlusty. Anthony Stewart. That type of player. Another prospect who is on the cusp of showing something on a scoring line. At 22, Dadonov has 20 points in 55 games already, most of which with minimal ice time. But the Panthers signed so many players in the summer that he doesn’t stand a chance of shouldering his way onto the second line. It’s pointless putting him on a checking line. The thing with Dadonov is, he would be KHL bound next season if things didn’t open up for him in Florida. Rather than let him walk away, the Panthers got something for him. The Matsumoto/Jenks swap was done strictly to bolster the experience of Florida’s minor league forward corps. Jenks was having a tough sophomore AHL campaign, even seeing time in the ECHL, so a fresh start for the 21-year-old will do him good.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Tlusty has had a plum spot on the top line fairly often this year. This acquisition pushes him down to the third line and it probably knocks Andreas Nodl to the press box. The move will also see fewer (a LOT fewer) call-ups when it comes to Drayson Bowman, Zac Dalpe and Zach Boychuk. That’s probably for the better. This year. But next year two of those kids will need to take the next step at the very least. Dadonov gains instant relevance with this deal as I’m sure the ‘Canes will try him on the first or second line right away. During his brief history, he has shown to make a quick impact before fading. I think he’s worth picking up immediately, and you can always drop him in a week if he has nothing to show for it. That’s the beauty of this kind of move – instant results, you don’t have to sit and wait a month to see how it works out.


Fantasy players this helps, in order:

1. Dadonov


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Fantasy players this hurts, in order:

1. Tlusty

2. Dalpe/Bowman/Boychuk

3. Nodl (did he have fantasy relevance to begin with?)

4. Stewart