January 29, 2012

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Marian Hossa, 33, is having a pretty damn good season and would like to play into his 40s like Teemu Selanne and Nicklas Lidstrom. Keeper league owners are always anxious to get a read into their players’ mindsets when it comes to predicting future campaigns, so this should give his poolies some peace of mind.


Speaking of the Hawks and players’ mindsets, what are we supposed to make of Patrick Kane and his alleged off-ice exploits through the years? What’s fantasy and what’s reality? He addresses the issue.


“I think you grow up every year, every day,” Kane told The Chicago Tribune. “You learn something new and try to really worry about what’s important in life. When you’re 18, 19 you think you know everything but you have no clue about anything. I feel way, way more grown up than I used to be.”


Martin Brodeur is seemingly leaning toward playing at least one more year, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Devils are still facing their annual question: who the hell is going to replace the legend? Good luck with that one.




All-Star weekend.


It's a chance to revel in the experience of some relaxed NHL players having a bit of fun for many fans and why the heck not? It's actually nice to see the guys goofing around in the skills competition.


For me though, this break is a chance for five straight nights without live blogging so I tend to take full advantage of it by not watching anything hockey-related. Every night has been doing something with friends and while I have a recap show of the skills display going as I write this, we actually had some people over tonight for an evening of good food and our annual guys against the girls Trivial Pursuit game. #nerdolympics


So the Sidney Crosby news, as I read it, seems to be that within the past few days he was diagnosed with an old neck injury that has already healed. The neck is fine. The spine is fine. This injury was (emphasis on past tense) in addition to the concussion and it's still the concussion symptoms preventing him from playing.


It seems not clear if the neck injury was a fracture or something else. It's also not clear why this was missed in the first place. We should get more info on that situation this coming week.


He is still skating. That's a good sign. He is still working out. Another good sign. While there is no timeline for his comeback, his agent says Crosby remains hopeful he will play again soon. Whatever that means.


Crosby owners shouldn't necessarily be any more worried about his health than they were prior to this news, although that would be the natural reaction in an already tenuous situation. Whether he plays again this season or not remains to be seen (they certainly seem hopeful he will), but by this point it seems like we'd have to consider any further '11-12 contributions gravy.


Hopefully he can be 100% for the start of next season, but with the unknown nature of concussions and given how precarious his particular concussion scenario has been to date… will there ever be a 100% for Crosby again? There just