February 06, 2012

Dobber Sports



Goldie Says: I’m publishing another Live Scouting Blog for tonight’s duel between Dubnyk and Reimer. These are way fun and allow me to post full-length thoughts without tweeting a million times a night. Game starts at 7p EST!


Fan Duel – if you won money, chances are it’s in your account there. Go to Fan Duel and login.


My mistake – I could have sworn Snyder told me that the baseball Fantasy Guide was being released on the 11th. NOPE. The DobberBaseball Fantasy Guide is OUT TODAY. As with the hockey one, it’s updated right up until the season.


Scott Gomez’s ice time was down to 10:28 today as he slowly Jonathan Cheechoos his way out of the NHL…


The ice time was his lowest all season, other than the game he left in October due to injury. He had a great career early on, but I think Alexander Mogilny made him a better player than he actually was, and injuries took care of the rest. Similar reasons as Cheechoo.


I know Andrei Kostitsyn has said that he wants to stay in Montreal, but I think they'll move him. Just a hunch, I normally don't speak to trade rumors (or start them), but a new environment would do him a world of good, like brother Sergei. He's better than this. But I think you'll notice in the coming months that the Rene Bourques will start being brought in and the Andrei Kostitsyns will start getting shipped out. Finally addressing that sandpaper issue that fans pretty much identified eight years ago.


The team will be built around Cole, Bourque, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller – size and/or gritty skill. David Desharnais as well, because he over achieves, which is almost the same category. And of course Emelin. But I can see lots of changes outside of those players.


The snakebitten Artem Anisimov scored a goal and added two assists, ending his pointless drought at 17 games.


Scott Hartnell had a rare off-game, going minus-4 yesterday. Impressive to see that Matt Read was even, despite playing nearly 19 minutes. Man I like that player, I feel very comfortable that he'll be at least a 45-point player for years to come, but has the upside for 70 or more. It would depend on how they play him, but as long as he consistently can be counted on in all situations (4:34 SH ice time, 2:26 PP ice time) it would seem that he is money.


Tom Sestito – 25 minutes in penalties yesterday. Seven shifts. Too bad you can't count on him to dress for every game.


The Fan Duel contest Saturday had me finish 74th. That means 73 of you win five bucks, courtesy of Fan Duel. I went heavy on Oilers because they were playing Ty Conklin, heavy on Sharks because I own Mike Smith and he's been weak lately (bad strategy I know, but I figure if he does great it helps me in my leagues and if he does poorly then it helps me in Fan Duel). My downfall was on defense going cheap with Cam Barker and trusting my SJ instinct on Dan Boyle. I also chose Bryzgalov as the goalie and he didn't even start! That was announced close to the start of the game. Keep an eye out for more of these contest as we'll try to run one every month both here and at DobberBaseball.


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