Cage Match – the Tournament!

steve laidlaw


Cage Match


The most daunting question in the world of fantasy hockey is: who is the best player in fantasy hockey?


This would have made for a great Cage Match except there is no consensus top two to pit against each other. I am not sure there is even a consensus top four. The field is wide open. The league is booming with young talent and the combination of injuries and parity has the effect of evening out the playing field. To single out just two players would be silly so to do it up right would call for a Royal Rumble of a Cage Match. That would simply be madness. There is only one solution: harness the madness.


With that in mind I am proud to introduce to you the inaugural Cage Match Tournament!


The Rules:

The tournament is setup March Madness style with four different brackets: the Howe Bracket, the Gretzky Bracket, the Richard Bracket and the Lemieux Bracket. Each bracket consists of nine different teams ranked 1-9. The Brackets were put together based on polls of the DobberHockey writers and forum veterans setting up some highly intriguing match ups.


Each week in this column four match ups will be introduced, providing links to a poll on the forums where YOU get to vote on the winner.


The format is a straight points keeper league with no positions factored in but only forwards are included.


The polls will be open from Wednesday morning until Tuesday evening. The winners move on to the next round and the bracket will be updated each Wednesday.


All you need to do is follow the links to the forum and cast your vote for the player you would most want to have on your keeper league team. Sounds easy right? Here's the bracket:




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