Looking Ahead – Week 22

Dave Poleck





A tough decision can be made easier with these charts showing you the best five and worst five schedules for upcoming seven-day periods. Some of you used them last year but for the benefit of new readers here is a refresher. The number next to the team indicates the ‘multiplier’ to use on a player’s point-per-game pace to give you an idea how many points to expect for that week.


Wednesday's win over the Oilers finally put the Blues over the .500 mark on the road for the season. They've now won four consecutive road games going into Vancouver on Thursday, and play nine of their next 11 away from home.


After not making any blockbuster deals by selling away their big pieces at the deadline, Buffalo has actually left themselves in a position to challenge for a playoff spot. Although their record may not show, they have been playing marginally better on the road lately winning four of their last six games.


The games in hand that everyone keep talking about the Jets having are about to disappear as after Thursday's game they only play four games over the next 14 days. At that point (March 14), Toronto and Washington will be a game ahead of Winnipeg.


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Chicago, who sits 28th in goals allowed on the road, begins another miniature road trip on Friday night against three of the league's best home teams. They start against Ottawa (10th in home goals), then head to the Joe (1st) and finish off against the seemingly unbeatable Blues (6th).


If you live in the GTA, you know what the stat 1-9-1 is referring to. The Leafs are in a tailspin at a time when they're usually just starting to pick things up to ensure their mediocre spot in the Draft. The worse news is that their upcoming schedule is pretty horrific. The best matchup on it would have to be against the Habs on Saturday, but it's in Montreal and I seriously throw all stats and records out the door when these two teams play. After that they face Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington, Florida. Yikes.