March 12, 2012

Dobber Sports



Last week I posted a couple of announcements on the Dobber Sports Facebook page, basically giving you dates and information about upcoming releases. The Interactive Playoff Draft List is now for sale in the shop. The Keeper League Fantasy Pack will be available on April 17th – when I relaunch the sites (including a new site). For now, I have created the Dobber Domination Pack, which combines the above draft list, the prospects report, and the fantasy guide.


Justin Schultz could sign with the Ducks and play as early as next game for them. Schultz is ranked 11th on my Fantasy Prospects list and will certainly shoot into the Top 5 if he does indeed sign and play. I think he’ll have an early impact – especially considering the way Visnovsky is sucking it up right now (pointless in 14)…


There are three young goalies I am interested in owning next season, though I would guess that none of them will make huge waves next year – more like two. Those goalies are Matt Hackett, Kevin Poulin and Scott Wedgewood. The latter name may surprise you, but I have a feeling that the Devils will look to within. And any goalie prospect they bring up who does well will flourish – it's such an ideal system. Look what it did for Brodeur starting at such an early age. Anyway, while Kinkaid could be their guy, I'm putting my pretend money on Wedgewood.


Marty Turco came into the game yesterday and did well, stopping 20 of 22 shots. I get the feeling that this is good enough to get the next start, but we shall see. I suspect that he'll do alright, since Boston plays a solid team system. But he's a weak goaltender at this stage in his career – one of his earlier injuries from a few years ago has made him a shell of what he once was. As such, I don't think he can do anything sustainable. But one good thing to come out of it is – if he gets the start and does "decent", then Tim Thomas will use that as a motivator to turn things back around.


Steven Stamkos is such a consistently steady player, whereas it seems as though Malkin will chug along for five games and get four points…and then suddenly explode for five points. This race will go to the wire.


The Penguins are off until Thursday, so I would suspect that we'll see Crosby then.


When Alexander Radulov, or rather "if", he returns to the Predators, he'll make an immediate impact. He'll also raise the level of production of other players, especially the centermen. One winger who may be hurt from this is Patric Hornqvist. And unless Craig Smith shows chemistry with him (or is even given a chance to), he may find himself scratched more often than not. But keep in mind – Radulov has been battling a knee injury, so if you pick him up, there is that risk however small.


Here is a nice piece on the promise that the Red Wings see in Gustav Nyquist. I think he's on the team next year as a third liner who posts in that 40-point neighborhood. He has points in three of his last four NHL games, but will be sent down as soon as Todd Bertuzzi returns – which is within a game or two.


After just one point in his last five games, James Neal picked up three Sunday. It was also his first goal in 10 games. His snapping out of a funk bodes well for Malkin, who would obviously pick up more assists if Neal scored like a 40-goal man as opposed to…not at all.


There's no blaming Jonas Gustavsson for the last three games. The guy's allowed four goals in that span, but the Leafs have gone 160 minutes without a goal. Their offense is a house of cards, and if you pull out one of the key cards that were standing up on the bottom – in this case the "Lupul" of Hearts – the house comes crashing down.


Now here is where I figured the Panthers would put Wolski – with Fleischmann and Weiss, while Versteeg is out. He has five points in nine games with his new team. Not good enough to secure a multi-year deal from the Panthers in my opinion. Need to see more. But getting onto this line is a great start.


Strangely enough, the Panthers elected to replace Wolski on that line when they were on the power play. Sean Bergenheim got the call instead.


Jose Theod