Expert’s Audit – March, 2012 edition

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back to An Expert's Audit. Every month we'll take a look at a reader's keeper league team in the hopes ofhelping him toward a championship. If you're interested in getting an audit for your own keeper team you can begin theprocess by emailing Dobber about it.


I've known Steve Knippel since back in the day. When I wrote for a different website he contacted me by email to see if I might be interested in some hockey conversations with a local. Over the years we've had many of those conversations as we've enjoyed a barley beverage and a hockey game. I even got to serve as a guest auctioneer when the league we looked at this month was a fledgling baby auction league. On that night Steve stole a rookie Carey Price for $1 and I'm still amazed that nobody bid him up. You'll note that Carey Price is still on this team, although not for the $1 bargain that he once was.


Steve is commish of a 19 team roto auction league that used to have 20 teams until one guy had to be ousted. That meant that a dispersal draft had to happen where every team was gifted $100 auction dollars to try and secure as many guys as they could from the troublemaking team. You'll note one guy on Steve's roster whose salary is way out of whack for his skills and now you'll know why. The roto categories are FGoals, FAssists, DGoals, DAssists, +/-, PIM, Goalie Pts, and GAA. It's an interesting mix that changes how you run a team because defensemen have their own categories that they need to carry and a D who contributes across the board is pure gold. I list the year that each category expires and his salary for you and I'll just say that the salary structure completely changes how you can manage a squad on a daily basis.


Without further ado let's look at Bozo 63s.


F Daniel Alfredsson OTW (2012 $36) – he's been a bit mercurial this season but he did have some hot streaks in December and again in February so it's not like he's no longer useful. He'll never be a 70 pt forward again but he's still a 50-60 pt option and given the fact that he's nearly 40 years old that's more than pretty good.

F Jamie Benn DAL (2013 $12) – he has stepped up his production in each of his three seasons in the league and this year will continue the pattern. I've got to think that next year will continue the pattern further and I could see a string of 80 pt seasons out of him in what is sure to be