15 Prime Cuts: Schroeder, Kadri, realignment, and more

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This week, I take a look at Alex Killorn, Joe Morrow, Jordan Schroeder’s great play in Vancouver, Nazem Kadri’s surprising physical presence, and more.


1. This season has been short on good news for Washington Capitals fans, but here is a little glimmer of hope for the future – top prospect Evgeni Kuznetsov plans on coming over to the NHL after the Sochi Olympics.


"I promised to play for Washington after the Olympics," Kuznetsov said, as translated by RMNB's Fedor Fedin. "I want to play in [DC], but I'm playing for Traktor right now. I have a contract, and I will continue to fight with sweat and blood playing for such a great club."


When asked why he chose to stay in Russia during the summer, either because of the Olympics or money, Kuznetsov gave a very short answer. "I knew there was going to be an NHL lockout," Kuzya replied. "That's it."


If and when he does join the Caps, expect his impact to be both immediate and significant. It is a bit of a risk to own or trade for him right now as none of this is set in stone, but where's the fun in playing it safe all the time?

2. I love the way Nazem Kadri is playing this year. He isn't the biggest guy on the ice, but he is a lot stronger than he has been in previous years, and he loves to throw his weight around. Here is a beauty of a hit he had on Montreal defenseman Alexei Emelin on Saturday night:

3. Wayne Gretzky recently told reporters that Henrik Zetterberg has been his favorite NHL player to watch play over the last decade. Mike Babcock also heaps praise on his captain in this NHL.com column.


“I think he’s the best Swedish player they’ve ever put in the NHL,” Gretzky told NHL.com.


Nic Cage


4. Jordan Schroeder was sensational for the Canucks on Saturday night, and he is going to force the team into a tough decision when Ryan Kesler comes back (which doesn't seem to be any time soon, even though Kesler has been flying around at practice and has been seen hammering one-timers, too).