Cage Match Rookie Tournament – Week 2

steve laidlaw




Welcome to Week Two of the Cage Match Rookie Tournament. Week One saw the opening round matchups in the Selanne Bracket. Why the Selanne Bracket you might ask? That's why. There were few surprises in Week One, as all of the top seeds made it through to the next round. Here's how they got there.


#1 Nail Yakupov over #8 Brandon Saad – 68 votes to 7 votes.

That Yakupov won this matchup is a surprise to no one. What is a surprise is that seven people voted for Saad. I think seven people are still upset about Yakupov's Fleury imitation.

#2 Mikael Granlund over #7 Mika Zibanejad – 55 votes to 17 votes.

It's hard to argue with the results of this one. Granlund has twice as many points as Zibanejad at both the NHL level and AHL level this season so he's clearly winning the "Win Now" vote, which is to say nothing of his long term upside.

#3 Alex Galchenyuk over #6 Jaden Schwartz – 68 votes to 3 votes.

Not much of a surprise here with the exception of this being the most lopsided vote. I don't disagree with the end result but if the size of this victory is any indication Galchenyuk will be a force to be reckoned with the rest of this tournament.

#4 Mikhail Grigorenko over #5 Jordan Schroeder – 44 votes to 28 votes.

This was easily the week's tightest matchup and I think that that is an accurate reflection of how tight it is between these two. Like the rest of these results I don't disagree with the outcome I just find it disappointing that Grigorenko wins on a night when he was a healthy scratch.