Marek Zidlicky: Geek of the Week

Terry Campkin




An in-depth look at Marek Zidlicky of the New Jersey Devils

If you had the opportunity to pick up Dan Boyle in your fantasy hockey league for next to nothing, I know that all of you would jump at the opportunity. What if I told you that there is another player who currently has equal-to or better-than output in all of the most commonly measured categories and that the player was only 52% owned?  That player is Marek Zidlicky.


I stumbled across Zidlicky while doing one of my regular Fantasy Hockey Geek analyses: I compare a player's prior year value to the value that they are providing in the current season, to see who is rising and who is falling. I was doing the analysis for a Yahoo! roto league (G, A, +/-, PPP, SOG, Hits). Last year, Zidlicky didn't even crack the top 300 players in this pool.  Granted, he missed some time last season but even his prorated stats were pretty terrible in 2011-12. This season, FHG calculates Zidlicky as the 75th most valuable player and the 20th most valuable defenseman. Let's take a look inside the FHG numbers to see what's happening with Zidlicky: