Geek of the Week: Chris Kunitz (Revisited)

Terry Campkin





An indepth look at Pittsburgh forward Chris Kunitz’s fantastic season

It's always nice when one of your preseason dark horse picks breaks through with an elite season to propel your team to the top while making you look like smart along the way. Today I am going to take a look back at one guy who did just that for me and is currently lighting the league on fire: Chris Kunitz.


A week into the season, I wrote about how I thought Kunitz was an absolute steal for me when I drafted him in the 12th round of the Dobber Pro League and wow has he ever proven me right! When I wrote the article, Kunitz was a bit of a scrub grinder who had some finish and happened to play on a great team. He always provided great peripheral numbers, so I identified him as a great sneaky late round pick for somebody who won't be winning any scoring titles, but who could provide your fantasy team some great value.

Since I wrote the last article and up to Thursday morning (March 14th), Kunitz has scored amassed 35 points in 24 games. How in the world did I see this coming? Obviously the answer is that I am just a complete genius who knew that Kunitz would take his career PPG of 0.69 and almost double it this year.  I wish I could say that that is the case, but unfortunately it isn't. My original point with Kunitz was that he was good value at his 2011-12 production and I would have been completely thrilled if he had simply repeated last season. Recall how I ran the numbers through Fantasy Hockey Geek and showed his value in this league in 2011-12:

Dobber Pro League (Yahoo! 12-team Roto league: G,A, +/-, PPP, SOG, Hits, GAA, Sv, W)



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