Between the Lines – Crosby (again), Markov and Subban in Montreal, and more

Chris Wassel



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Chris Wassel breaks down the best NHL line combinations.


The dog weeks are upon us for fantasy hockey enthusiasts. Playoffs are, in some cases, just a few weeks away. Shortened seasons are tough on everyone. There are no easy shortcuts, no nothing! It seems like a lot of the same old same old on "Between The Lines" with one or two new wrinkles this week. Here come the details!


Forward March…….


Sidney CrosbyPascal DupuisChris Kunitz (Pittsburgh) — There was no Evgeni Malkin last week so no problem for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they went undefeated on the week. The Crosby line totaled 16 points when together on the ice as Crosby and Kunitz both had eight points each. However, what should surprise people is the fact that Pascal Dupuis had a whopping six goals. I bet no one saw that coming this week at all. The Crosby is line is automatic production with Crosby being the key that runs the engine.


Curtis GlencrossMatt StajanLee Stempniak (Calgary) — Glencross is a sleeping fantasy producer that often gets overlooked in leagues. Maybe after this week, he won't so much. After a four goal week and a six point week from Matt Stajan, this line is generating some buzz. They had 14 points when on the ice at the same time overall. Honestly the top line in Calgary is not the Jar