Troy Brouwer: Geek of the Week

Terry Campkin


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Campkin looks at a guy flying under the radar in Washington…former Blackhawk Troy Brouwer


As the season nears an end, we are all either making a push towards a championship or thinking about next season. Today I am going to take an in-depth look at a guy who is not only a great option to help you with your 2013 push, but also a player who you should be bumping up your draft boards next September: Troy Brouwer.



Brouwer has always been a player who has some offensive upside. Over the past few seasons he has had a few prolonged spurts where he performed like a 45-55 point player but he has never been able to sustain it for an entire season. This shortened season, Brouwer is seeing a ton of PP time and he is playing on a great line, resulting in 28 points over 40 games (a 57 point pace over an 82 game schedule). The point output only scratches the surface of Brouwer's value though; let's run his numbers through Fantasy Hockey Geek to get a more complete understanding of what Brouwer brings to the table value-wise:


(Yahoo! 12-team league: G,A, +/-, PPP, SOG, Hits, GAA, Sv, W)