Alex Ovechkin: Geek of the Week

Terry Campkin


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Campkin explains why Ovie is once again King of the hill in fantasy circles.


It's official folks, the Great 8 is back and dominating the NHL and fantasy leagues alike. As we near the end to this shortened season, a question I am commonly asked is "who has been this season's fantasy MVP?" The answer to that question is today's Geek of the Week: Alex Ovechkin.




The big 3 debate has been going on for years- Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin – who has more value in my fantasy hockey league and which guy should I draft first? After Ovechkin's drop off last season, this debate started losing some steam and he was in fact passed by Stamkos and Giroux on many draft boards. If you are one of the GMs who let Ovi slip through your hands, you made a big mistake.


Before I carry on I want to quickly make two things clear. First, my opinions and analysis here are related to fantasy hockey value only – I do not intend to open the "who would you rather start an NHL franchise with" can of worms. Second, I always like to remind readers that it is important to understand your league before definitively identifying the most valuable player. Depending on your league settings, Ovechkin may or may not be the most valuable player to own but today I am going to show why in many leagues with common settings he is in fact the MVP and should be #1 on your draft board going forward.

Below shows the year to date player values in the Dobbber Pro Leagues



(12 team Yahoo! league measuring G, A, +/-, SOG, PPP, HITS)