What Went Wrong? What Did We Learn

Terry Campkin


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Campkin recaps what went wrong with his Hockey Geek predictions, and what lessons we learned.

Last week, I took a look at some of the biggest "hits" that we had in this year's Geek of the Week feature with the 2013 All-Geek Fantasy Hockey Team. By and large, it was a very successful season for the players profiled here and a lot of the players helped propel me to a championship in two of the four leagues I am in. As always though, there are going to be some misses and to balance things out today I am going to take a look at some of the Geeks who didn't pan out quite so nicely.


Over the course of the season we profiled 28 players, 22 of which I would classify as a hit or at least a push (fair value). Three of the players (Lupul, Morris and Kulikov) I would rank as an N/A due to injury, although they did show promise in the games that they played. That leaves only three misses, which is a respectably low number although admittedly the ones that missed did so pretty badly.


Miika Kiprusoff


I was tempted to cop-out on this one and classify Kipper as an "N/A" due to injury but he was just so bad that I couldn't possibly do that and look myself in the mirror. He started 24 games, winning only 8 of them while sporting an abysmal 3.44GAA and .882sv%. Looking through his game log he only had 12 games that I would consider "good starts" in most leagues (a win with 3GA or less/ a loss with 2GA or less). Three of those starts came in April, when it was likely far too late to help your fantasy hockey team anyway. If you were smart enough to hand-pick the 12 good games Kipper actually had then good for you because in his other 12 games he combined for 54 goals against. Viktor Fasth let in two less than that in ALL 25 games that he appeared in.


What Went Wrong?


Kipper was bound to hit the wall eventually and he did it in spectacular fashion this season. I personally believe that the combination of his injury and pending retirement caused him to "check-out" early. He had a rough start to the season in the first seven games which wasn't entirely a surprise and I expected a bounce back but then he got hurt. When he came back he showed flashes at times, but as soon as it was evident that Calgary was going nowhere he literally had nothing to play for. This theory is backed up by the fact that in his last two home games he managed to step it up for his farewell tour, allowing only three total goals and stopping 68 of 71 shots.


As I mentioned