May 07, 2013

Dobber Sports


The Sabres have elected to keep Ron Rolston on as their head coach for next season. Not going for an established coach indicates to me that they are indeed going ‘rebuild’, and that the unproven coach can grow as the team grows.


My thoughts on the Calder finalists – I think the right picks were made. Granted, Alex Galchenyuk and Nail Yakupov had the best final two weeks. And Vladimir Tarasenko and Cory Conacher had the best initial two weeks. But the trio of Gallagher, Saad and Huberdeau were consistent throughout. And while the best rookie this season – Jonas Brodin – was to me the absolute best freshman on any team, he didn’t have the flashy stats to warrant a Top 3 nomination.


You know what is starting to get on my nerves? The whole ‘suspension’ thing. Not the NHL and the inconsistency there because – newsflash: that’s not ever going to change, situations are perceived differently by different personalities. No, what I’m referring to is the reaction from vocal fans and media. Every hit, somebody’s whining about a suspension. An elbow goes up a little? Suspension. A player smells funny? Suspension. Just stop. Watch the F’n game. Just like you used to watch it 10 years ago.

The Wheel of Justice? This player got X games, so this player who did a similar thing should also get X games? Yeah, stop that. Take the word “suspension” out of your rant, and insert the words “sit in timeout” and you sound exactly like my conversation with my four-year-old and my two-year-old when they’re fighting. “But he got this…” and “Hey, no fair…” Who. Cares. Injustice and bad calls in sports happen all the time. What you see as a suspension, your neighbor sees as a clean hit. Don’t stress out about it, just sip on your beer and watch the game.

And I’m as guilty of it as anybody – and I’ve been focused on stopping. I see a massive hit in a hockey game, I don’t want my first thought to be – will he have a phone call from the NHL tomorrow? But that’s what pops in my head right away. And I hate it. I don’t want it to be like that anymore. So I’m going to focus. I’m going to watch hockey and when elbows go up, or big hits are thrown, I’ll just nod, sip on my beer, and keep watching and enjoying the game. Who’s with me?


Tuukka Rask stole one for the Bruins. He made 45 saves on 47 shots and on the second goal it was a defensive breakdown that caused it – and he still bailed his teammate out twice before finally Kessel stuffed it home. It’s the reason why Rask had been the top prospect goaltender prior to making the jump. The Leafs are toast if he’s found his zone.



The Bruins were winning draws left, right and center. The linesman seem to have caught onto to Tyler Bozak‘s faceoff move and implemented a zero-tolerance policy. The slightest cheat a