2013 Fantasy Prospects Report: The Classics Day 3

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What we said about Claude Giroux in 2007….

The 2013 Fantasy Prospects Report will be the seventh annual production from DobberHockey. And what better way to celebrate than to take a trip down memory lane at past prospects and profiles? For the next few weeks, we will unveil a different biography each day. Enjoy!



Day 3 –  (click on the image for the full version):



Giroux FPR



Day 1 – James Reimer (from 2007)


Day 2 – Nicklas Backstrom (from 2008)

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Day 3 – Claude Giroux (from 2007)


Day 4 – coming tomorrow…



The 2013 DobberHockey Prospects Report will be released on June 1. More information on all of the above players (as well as hundreds of other prospects you need to know about) will be in there. And for only $2.50 more, pick up the 2013 DobberHockey Keeper League Pack, which includes the 2013-14 Fantasy Guide and the 2013-14 Draft List.