May 24, 2013

Dobber Sports





An absolutely dominant performance from the LA Kings last night. 


Three Kings made my top 50 NHL trade value rankings – Kopitar (8), Doughty (11), and Quick (37). If Doughty isn’t the best two-way defenseman in hockey, he’s right there in the mix. What a defenseman he has developed into.


The pairing of Dan Boyle and Matt Irwin were ventilated by the Kings – tons of scoring chances against, no match for the big and strong forwards on the forecheck.


Antti Niemi was also spectacular, keeping San Jose in the game as best he could. I’d say the Kings had about 10 or 11 Grade A scoring chances, while the Sharks maybe had one or two.


Trevor Lewis – another former 1st round pick who has developed into a really good role player. You don’t want role players when you draft these guys, but it sure beats a complete bust. I mention a few more later on today.




This is way, way, way overdue. I apologize as I thought I had covered it already. A huge DobberHockey congratuations to all of our fantasy hockey league winners. Jake S (known as Smack on the forum) won the Experts league with a stellar fantasy performance. 


The winners:


Pro Leagues

Wales – Steve Woodhall – (promoted from Entry last year)
Campbell – François Gaucher Chicleteur)


Entry Leagues

Patrick – Simon Castonguay
Norris – Chris Clarke (ccsitdown)
Adams – Brandon Nihmey (Horrorfan)
Smythe – Nick Aumont



Well, buckle up, Avs fans. Things are about to get very interesting. The team announced the hiring of Patrick Roy as coach (and VP of hockey ops). The latter tag allows Roy some input on how the roster is constructed (and also allows for a bigger paycheck I would imagine, as well).

Roy has had a lot of success in the QMJHL as a coach, and he is known for his outbursts (just as he was during his day as a player). He wouldn’t have taken this job without the level of input Colorado is letting him have on team building matters.

If nothing else, they will once again be interesting and relevant. Too many years of futility in Colorado.

How does Greg Sherman feel, I wonder? Has to be a bit intimidating to go into a hockey ops meeting with Roy and Joe Sakic.


This is definitely worth expanding into a full column – but does Alex Radulov make a return to the NHL now with Roy in Colorado? Nashville has tried to trade him unsuccessfuly over the past year or so. Would Radulov be willing to forego the final three years of his deal with CSKA?



Jonathan Toews completely unraveled last night – three consecutive penalties (one of them was an embellishment by Abdelkader) – he needed teammate Brent Seabrook to come o