June 01, 2013

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The 2013 DobberHockey Prospects Report is out! If you purchased it, it will be available in your ‘Downloads’ section on the left side of this page (about half-way down).


And if you didn’t purchase it…. what are you waiting for?


Pick it up here, or for only $2.50 more, grab it with our Keeper League Fantasy Pack.




Oh, and for a cherry on top – Pavel Datsyuk would "love" to sign a contract extension. I guess I'll have to move him up on my top 50 NHL trade values list….




Today's ramblings are chalk-full of content to get you prepared for a fantastic day of hockey – the Prospects Report and two Conference Final games. Oh, and it is Saturday. Doesn't get much better than that.




The FantasyHockeyGeek tools are amazing. A few times each year I really dig deep into my keeper league to figure out my own roster, my competition, and which players to target at the upcoming draft.


With my league adding hits last year, it has changed the value of players significantly. For example, Zdeno Chara is the third most valuable player in our league, and David Backes was also in the top 10. Having spreadsheets to compute these rankings for this year, projections, and a few years into the past makes ranking and evaluating players so easy.


And all of my league members are Dobber members (some more active than others), so they have access to my thoughts on basically every player. I rarely am able to pull wool over others, and that is just fine.


This isn't a sales pitch (I have no stake in the company – great dudes run it, though) – this is a phenomenal resource and it will easily and quickly make you a better and more informed poolie. I use it to evaluate every single trade (not only mine but my competition's, too).


I have a mega spreadsheet that has customized values specific to my league for 2013 and the previous three seasons. And once I start putting my projections together, I can input those, too.


And when the draft comes up, I can see which categories I am weak in, and as the draft goes on, I can generate rankings to give me the exact players to shore up my weaknesses.


Check it out here – it is completely free to try.



Jarmo Kekalainen is happy to have three 1st round draft picks. I know I would be, too.