Fun with Google Instant Search

Rick Roos




Roos takes a funny look at what Google’s Instant Search offers when you type certain player names… 

It's hard to believe that Google Instant Search has been around for almost three years. For those who don't know what Instant Search is (or might not realize they do), the way it works is when you type something in a Google search box it auto-completes the search as you type, predicting what you're searching for based on the most popular searches that have been run which match what you've typed so far. Since it debuted, Instant Search has been used as a source for humor almost as much as for information. I figured I'd try to mix a little bit of both with this week's column by using Google Instant Search to have some fun, but also to see if it could somehow be turned into a useful tool for fantasy hockey enthusiasts.


Google Instant Search Can Be Brutally Honest

Some hockey players are well known for things that don't relate much, if at all, to actual hockey, or are otherwise unflattering. The biggest (pun intended) example is Dustin Byfuglien, whose second entry is "fat" and third is "weight." Sorry Big Buff! And as great as PK Subban's 2013-14 season was, you still get "dive" as the fourth result if you type in his name. That's a tough pill to swallow.

If you type in "Matt Cooke", you get a list of the two players he most notoriously injured (Marc Savard and Erik Karlsson), plus Evander Kane, in reference to the one punch knockout…



…he delivered to Cooke. Don't be mad Matt – I can only imagine what we would've s