July 18, 2013

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Dustin Brown is a King for eight more years (well, technically nine, as he has one year left on his current deal). He signed a huge contract extension today. Not really a surprise. Brown’s real life value probably outweighs his fantasy value (unless you are in leagues that count hits), but he is still a solid bet for 20-25 goals and 50-60 points each season.




The Devils re-signed Jacob Josefson. One year and one-way – cap hit approximately $750k. This is put up or shut up time for Josefson. He’s been a disappointment at the NHL level.


The contract signing is actually good timing for this recent post on Josefson I had been meaning to mention.


Ultimately, that’s the path Josefson is on and I would guess that’s what he’ll become. He’s definitely a good, smooth skater with good vision and skills to play off the puck. But his awareness away from the puck is his best asset and that lends himself well to a more defensive role. Short of a breakthrough, he’s not going to be a top scorer; he’ll be that solid defensive-minded forward (two-way is his ceiling, I suppose).


Someone a team needs for stops, support someone who isn’t so strong defensively, and so forth. I think he’ll improve on his attacking skills; but it’s just that most players demonstrate whether or not they’re scorers quickly. Josefson really hasn’t. The thing is that he’s shown enough in other areas (off the puck, the penalty kill, etc.) to stick around.




I caught up with Dallas defenseman Brenden Dillon earlier this week. We talked about the new Dallas jerseys, the Seguin trade, his first year in the NHL, and his focuses for this season (more offense).


Dillon had a lot of praise for David Perron and Roman Josi when I asked about opponents who might have surprised him with their ability.




Also interviewed hockey strength coach Ben Prentiss. Prentiss has worked with Marty St. Louis for close to a decade, and he also trains Quick, Pacioretty, van Riemsdyk, Moulson, Atkinson, and this year he also took on Brad Richards, too.


Poolies who own Richards should be really excited at this news. Ben gets results. Obviously training is only one piece of the hockey puzzle (skill, opportunity, and so on). But it is an important one.


And he shared some other fantasy-relevant stuff, too:


I imagine Richards has a lot of motivation this summer.

He does – and that motivates me. When you can take a guy who has been kicked around a bit, and work with him, I'm really excited for him to have a huge year and for him to show people that he has got a lot left in the tank. The Rangers were really wise in not buying him out.

How is cam Atkinson's ankle sprain recovery going?

I would say he is 100 percent. That has not been an issue whatsoever. We typically, in my program