July 25, 2013

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Not a lot of breaking news today, but still lots of hockey to get to. Read on for some thoughts on the Ducks, Luongo, Edmonton's center situation, paying Pietrangelo, and more.




An interesting look at Roberto Luongo – perhaps the silence from his camp isn't golden? And it was announced yesterday that he switched agents, joining JP Barry and Pat Brisson of CAA.


Why would a player with almost 10 years left on his contract switch agents? Engineering a trade, perhaps?


GM Mike Gillis said his meetings in Florida with Luongo went well. He didn't confirm or deny anything else, though.


The drama in Vancouver continues….




A good read from Justin Bourne on why the big ice changes how countries are going to select their Olympic rosters.





Advanced stats NEVER tell the whole story. But they can help fill in the gaps. Case in point, Bryan Little. To some, his term and cap hit seemed a tad high. But when you take a closer look…




Little has played much tougher minutes than Sam Gagner recently (especially in 2013). He received a very similar cap hit, and the Jets were able to buy up more UFA years (which costs money).


Little essentially played the toughest minutes (by far)of any Jets forward – he was up against superstar/star players every night, and he was buried in the defensive zone to start shifts. And he was still productive.


As for Little's offensive upside, it depends on his role. With Jokinen and Scheifele in the mix, I see Little playing at least one more year of really tough minutes. Jokinen is a defensive liability and the Jets won't want Scheifele to step in to a shutdown role.




If you are Doug Armstrong, are you willing to give Alex Pietrangelo $7 million per season? Do you even have a choice?


Well, it comes down to Armstrong's appetite for risk. It is … limited. He's learned from the mistakes he made in Dallas. This is not a GM who throws money at a player simply because someone else could and did. He's a live-within-your-means type of guy in a world where everyone else is trying to keep up the neighbors.

And right now, he's not ready to handcuff himself to a player who has flirted with superstardom, but isn't yet at that level. In fact, after putting together a breakthrough campaign in 2011-12 that earned him recognition as a Norris Trophy finalist, the 23-year-old's play slipped last season, which forces Armstrong to think long and hard about what kind of player Pietrangelo really is before deciding how to handle the restricted free agent.



Centers… who needs them? Apparently not the Oilers.


Nugent-Hopkins, Gagner, Gordon, Lander, Arcobello, Acton, Miller

Everyone on the chart fits nicely into their slot, and seems more or less capable of handling their assigned role. The trouble for the Oilers is the lack of players who ca