August 15, 2013

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There has been a theme of younger players with the first part of my top 10 2013-14 sleepers list. The top three will be released over the next week or so – one veteran and two young (but very established) NHL players. All three are household names, but they deserve to be on the list because of where I see their production going in 2013-14.


Any guesses? As a reminder – one veteran looking to bounce back, and two younger and established stars.




A very happy birthday to Mr. Glen Hoos, DobberHockey’s resident graphics man!




I am officially handing the website manager/editor reins over to Mike Amato and Steve Laidlaw at the end of August… so only a few ramblings left! Lots to talk about today – let's get to it:




The countdown is well underway for my top 10 sleeper picks for this season:


#10 Jaden Schwartz

#9 Cal Clutterbuck

#8 Drew Shore

#7 Ryan McDonagh

#6 Cam Atkinson

#5 Gustav Nyquist

#4 Sven Bartschi




Advanced stats are featured throughout the 2013-14 DobberHockey Guide.


Here is a primer as to why you should use them (or at least become familiar with them) to make yourself a better and more well-rounded poolie.




Don’t forget to check out Rob Vollman’s Hockey Abstract, a “primer” on statistics in hockey.




I'd say breakdown of who will play with Tavares/Moulson this season is as follows:


Bouchard 40% of the time (more if healthy for 75+ games, which is very unlikely)

Clutterbuck 25% of the time (read the above profile on him)

Okposo 15% of the time

Bailey 10% of the time

Strome/others 10% of the time




I am kind of bullish on a Nashville forward this year, and that rarely happens. I think Colin Wilson has the opportunity to separate himself from the pack this year in terms of offensive production. The Predators have brought in some really strong defensive forwards, and I can see them giving some of their players more of an offensive focus because of this (Wilson, Fisher, Forsberg, Hornqvist).




Okposo has been tried there in the past, with limited success. Both Bailey and Moulson are much better on the left wing. Clutt