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My final day at DobberHockey won't pass without more than a few goodbyes and thank yous…

I first contacted Darryl back in 2006 when I stumbled upon DobberHockey while putting together my own fantasy hockey projections (I wrote a free fantasy hockey preview for the Hockey's Future message boards that year). I messaged Dobber to let him know how useful I found his Guide, and I think I also mentioned how I would love to write for him (although I can't remember the specifics at this point).


I was in the middle of my undergraduate degree at the time, and was looking for a creative outlet I could enjoy outside of my accounting and finance classes.


My first column, from January of 2007, included Daymond Langkow and Jonathan Cheechoo. Six years is a long time in fantasy hockey.


Fast forward those six years. I have written over 400 columns for the site (and edited a heck of a lot more) and a similar number of the daily ramblings posts. I have made many great connections in the hockey and sports industry thanks to the kick start DobberHockey gave me, appearing on numerous radio stations and in print magazines and papers, and I have made some great friends from the terrific community that still forms the backbone of this website today. I have met with players, team owners, and many members of the hockey community largely because of my work at DobberHockey. I write for the Vancouver Canucks, I have written for the Dallas Stars, Defending Big D, The Hockey Writers, Canucks Army, and a vast number of hockey blogs and websites largely because of DobberHockey.


I (and Dobber will agree) take a lot of pride in how we have grown the website organically. We have had some fantastic partners (Justin Goldman, Frozen Pool, the Fantasy Geek guys, among others), and equally fantastic readers and members. Although DobberHockey sees way more traffic than it did five or six years ago, it still has the same community feel. There aren't many arguments that veer off topic. We have a fantastic group of members that self-police the website and provide amazing and consistent advice and feedback to the new members. At the end of the day, we are all united by our passion and interest in hockey (and fantasy hockey in particular, of course).


I haven't met many of you in person, but I feel like I know a lot of you on a personal level (especially those who e-mail me on a daily basis with fantasy hockey tips – I still do my best to answer e-mails!). I am not sure of my level of involvement with fantasy hockey for the next little while, but I will definitely pop on to the website whenever I get some free time.


I am leaving the website in capable hands. Dobbe