Geek of the Week – Mikhail Grabovski

Terry Campkin




This week’s player analysis focuses on – Mikhail Grabovski of the Washington Capitals



To a lot of casual Leaf fans, some members of the Toronto media and (unfortunately) the shot-callers at TML, Mikhail Grabovski has been viewed as an epic disappointment ever since his 58 point season in 2010-11. The result was Grabo being bought out this summer and waiting a number of weeks before finally being able to sign a contract. He finally did catch on with the Washington Capitals at a discount price. Today I am going to show you why the Capitals will be rewarded greatly by their signing and how you as a GM, can cash in on his change of scenery as well.

To really understand how big of a mistake the Leafs made in buying out Grabovski, you need to understand some of the advanced stats out there which illustrate just how much Grabo helped in areas outside of goals and assists. Jeff Angus (*sheds tear* – Angus is leaving DobberHockey to focus on academics for a while) lays this out really nicely in the Fantasy Guide.  Grabovski performed amazingly well for the Leafs, even if it didn't reflect on the score sheet. We are all Fantasy Hockey GMs though, so the scoresheet is all we care about and to understand more on that, the best thing to do is to go to Fantasy Hockey Geek

Let's take a look at how valuable Grabo was back in his best season (2010-11):

(12 team Yahoo! standard H2H league: G, A, +/-, SOG, PPP, PIM)