September 11, 2013

Dobber Sports


The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet – free. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Sept.5. And the gap between that update and the next one is the biggest it will ever be – because going forward that gap shrinks quickly until the updates are practically daily by the end of the month.

I love that about September. I could have more material for updating the Guide between noon and 1pm on September 26 than I have from the entire last six weeks.


Here is the latest on Alex Pietrangelo talks (hint: they have broken off and he will not be in camp as it opens). At this point – keep him where he is on your draft lists. Do not move him down unless the season starts tomorrow.. These things change in a hurry and the most he would possibly miss is five or six games.


This is ridiculous. Crazy good. Brendan Ross with the homerun swing here. Did you see his ramblings yesterday?If you read his ramblings, your research on all the fantasy relevant players in prospects tournaments is complete (other than the Penticton tournament – you can only watch and track so many tournaments at once!). It starts and ends there.


EDIT: Brendan here, ask and you (usually) will receive. Posted more ramblings today linking you to news on the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC featuring prospects from Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Jets and Sharks. Enjoy!






My THN article from yesterday is the offseason report for two pretty unpopular teams with very little fan following or media attention. But hopefully some people read it anyway. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks. The final article of my offseason outlooks will be up on Thursday, as I go back to twice weekly again for the season.






Speaking of the Leafs, they signed Nazem Kadri. I know, right? Of the remaining restricted free agents, he was the last on my list in terms of who will sign next. I had him pegged as the last to sign and even miss some regular season games. But nope. His contract is for two years at a very reasonable $5.8 million.


Did you read the latest Hockey News? On page 13 you’ll notice an article “Fantasy Fun, Real Results” and in the picture the gentleman is wearing a DobberHockey shirt. That’s Rick Wakeman, known as “Shoeless” in the forum (24,000 posts and counting). He’s in Cambodia doing work for the Cambodian Diabetes Association. The article is about how he and Calvin Wang (“cdubb” in the forum) have worked to save lives – and they got together through our forum. Furthermore, the community in the forum actually cobbled together – without really any solicitation just pure goodness of the heart – $1400 to donate to the cause. It goes to a community where $5 would literally save a life. Anyway, the article (written by former DobberHockey writer Ryan Van Horne) made me feel good about the community here. Kudos to Rick for his efforts.

Rick emailed me last night and updated me. I’ll quote part of the