September 15, 2013

Dobber Sports


The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet – free. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Sept. 14 – and it was a big one (relatively speaking).


Tim Thomas has arrived in Florida and will report tomorrow on a tryout agreement. The goaltender will probably win a contract and I would speculate that he will end up playing upwards of 55 games. Jacob Markstrom owners can cringe, but your future is still bright.


Regarding the below Dobbernomics contest – only 11 people have entered so far. So feel free to participate. Join my league in Dobbernomics. It’s easy – just mention on Twitter and #FantasyHockey and how you’re looking forward to the game. I’m taking the 24th person to do this (so 13 to go as of 3:35pm ET)


Preseason action, folks! Working on getting the Frozen Pool up and running for preseason data (line combos, full stats). I’ll let you know when it’s up.

It was a split-squad game (or ‘games’, I guess) Saturday between Oilers and Flames, but it was nice to see Mark Arcobello and Jesse Joensuu on the board. They need to produce early and often to make the decision difficult. For Arcobello, not only does he need to stick with the team – but he needs to have wingers such as Nail Yakupov on his line. Stick pluggers on his line and he might as well go back to the minors, because there’s no point. The guy is 5-9, 165. It’s just unfortunate for him that the team is trying Taylor Hall at center. Arcobello had a goal, Joensuu went one and one.

Joensuu, an underrated potential power forward, also had five shots on goal.

Not the greatest start for Linus Omark, although to put it in perspective – this is Preseason Game 1 – so nobody panic. He was minus-2 and missed his shootout attempt. But despite my ‘perspective’ talk, keep in mind that Omark is on thin ice. It’s a deep team in terms of his skill set and management is already pigeonholing him as a minor-leaguer and part-time fill in. Us fantasy owners, and Omark himself, believe differently. But he’ll need to prove it and he’ll have to do it in the six or seven exhibition games that he plays. This is one down.





I didn’t see the game, I had a birthday party to go to and you people know where I’m coming from – at a party you should be able to get them to put on the hockey game, but  not if it’s exhibition and not if it doesn’t include the local team.