4 Prophesies from the Preacher

Nathan Weselake




The Pastor offers up 4 prophesies for the coming season – straight from above (his garage)

In my Thursday night men’s hockey league almost every one has a nickname.  None are creative in the least.  95% simply involve modification of a guy's name.  Usually it is the last name with a “y”, “sy” or “co”.  You can play in the league for years and not know someone's actual name.  I don't know why we don't use our actual names; probably a way of coping with middle age. Every now and then someone comes along whose nickname is not a variation of their name – I am such a case.  My nickname is based on my day job.  I have been dubbed “Preacher”

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This means every week if I'm lucky I'll hear “Nice goal, Preacher.” I’ll certainly hear “Get up off the ice, Preacher.”  And the always amusing and little ironic "#[email protected] off Preacher!" since my intensity is a little higher than what rec. hockey calls for.  Those of us without skill have to rely on hustle.  Yup, I'm that guy.


Being “Preacher” means guys are quick to attribute any good fortune I receive as having come from above.  When a puck bounces in off my helmet, when I get the last beer, or when the chronically cold locker room showers suddenly warm up the lads are quick to attribute it to the “Big Guy” or “the Man Upstairs”.   I seriously doubt God is saving the last beer for me but I don’t deny it either.  It adds to my mystic to be seen as a man of the