October 30, 2013

Dobber Sports


Attention new forum users – I have just discovered that anyone who registered to DobberHockey since 10/16 did not get registered to the forum. We are trying to fix this issue and I will be adding those who registered during that timeframe manually to the forum and emailing you. This is all part of the site upgrades, a side effect that we did not know about until now.


Just added a bunch of quick-hit news updates in our newsfeed feature.


If any of you are interested in a limited edition, signed and certified Pavel Bure framed picture, just 510 out there, click here. Carries a $279 price tag, but if I’m a huge Bure fan I think about this for sure.


Depending on the quality of your fantasy league, Matt Moulson should be a steal. Yes, his value declines. By a lot. I was clear on that in my breakdown. But if your league has a dozen active GM’s who read sites like this one on a daily basis, then every one of them knows that Moulson’s value is down without John Tavares on his line. In fact, the pendulum has probably swung way too far the other way. He’s still a 25-goal scorer, he’s just not a 35-goal guy. And if he clicks with Hodgson, who knows? So far so good, anyway. He’s durable, doesn’t get hurt, and is a lock for at least 55 points. Is his owner treating him like the plague? Then take advantage!

Then again, if your league is full of amateurs who tend not to over-analyze then no you won’t be able to steal Moulson for a song. This is actually one time where ignoring the buzz in the fantasy hockey world actually helps them.


Onto Thomas Vanek. Gee, who did he line up with? You can go to Frozen Pool any time to find things like this out. But I’ll save you the trouble. Brace yourself: