Capped: Most Productive Cap Bargains

Eric Daoust



Who are some of the league’s best high-end cap bargains?


Last week we looked at the most cap-efficient point producers according to Cap Geek’s Bargain Hunter feature. The importance of owning such players is obvious. There are simply not enough dollars available in most salary cap leagues to own every star player that you can acquire. Some of your roster spots will have to go to cheaper and generally less productive players. Finding a fantasy relevant player to occupy such a roster position instead of a mediocre producer can go a long way towards winning your league’s championship.


However, if you simply own all of the league’s best dollar-per-point players chances are you will not have enough firepower to win it all. Rather, these bargain players with cap hits close to the league minimum produce great number relative to others in their salary range. You will almost never find star-level producers at the bottom of the pay scale.


Thus, your team will be carried by more expensive star players that will be complemented by cheaper alternatives to make it all work. But even at the higher end of the player hierarchy there are players who can be considered cap bargains. Their cost is rarely minimal but is often a few million dollars less than similar-ranked counterparts. These players, like any other cheap player, are important to own because the money you save allows you the opportunity to allocate more money elsewhere on your roster.


Using the same Bargain Hunter feature we will look at the five players on this list (100 in total) who have the most total points so far this year prior to Wednesday night’s games. 


These players offer a good combination of point-scoring ability and a low cost to own them. To avoid being repetitive, we will skip over Frans Nielsen, Kyle Okposo and Alexander Steen who fit the criteria for this article but appear in Dobber’s article about surprise top NHL scorers over at The Hockey News. Instead, we will cover Logan Couture, Matt Duchene, Nazem Kadri, Radim Vrbata and Tomas Hertl.