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The Contrarion argues that Florida Panthers’ problems run deeper than money.


Meow, meow, meow

The Panthers fired their head coach Kevin Dineen on Friday. In fact the whole coaching staff has been replaced. Mark Spector from Sportsnet knows what the underlying problem is with Florida… money.

To be complete he identifies three other sub things that they need. "That you can't win when your best players are all in their early 20s. That you need commensurate veteran leadership around those young players to carry them through their inevitable runs of inconsistency, and teach them how the NHL game is played. You also need stellar goaltending, because breakdowns occur more and the chances allowed tend to be of a higher quality."

The money issue, however, trumps those other items. He writes, "The problem is, when you are Florida there is never enough money to attack the free agent market in search of those veterans."

If they could only spend more money they would then be better. Tell that to the Philadelphia Flyers.

If you cannot win when your best players are in their early 20's how does letting go of the coaching staff solve that issue? The young players do not get any older with a new set of coaches.

To his second point about needing veteran leaders, what are Brian Campbell, Kris Versteeg, Tomas Fleischmann, Brad Boyes, Scott Gomez, Scottie Upshall, Marcel Goc, Sean Bergenheim and you might as well throw in Ed Jovanovski too even though he is on long term injury reserve. They might not be the best set of veteran players but they are veterans. Would the Panthers be better if they had gone out and signed Jaromir Jagr to play with them?