Nathan Weselake




Beefs and bouquets thrown at players by the Puck Pastor


When I was growing up there was a section in the local paper which always cracked me up. It was called “Beefs and Bouquets”. The fine citizens of my hometown (or at least the ones who could read and write) would send letters into the newspaper expressing their thanks for something, this was called a “Bouquet”. The negative or critical comments would be the "Beefs". Tragically, the literary genre of “Beef and Bouquet” seems to have fallen by the wayside (except, as google reveals in the BC town of Nanaimo where Beefs and Bouquets continue to be flung around town like the puck on a 5 on 3.


In an effort to leverage my unprecedented Internet influence and bring back the genre, I present: Puck Pastor’s Beefs and Bouquets. 


Beef – to the guys in my hockey pool who outbidded me for free agents Kevin Poulin and Marek Mazanec leaving me with Reto Berra and Carter Hutton as my two starters. My GAA is soon going to be north of four.


Bouquet – to Jonathan Toews for a world class performance Thursday night against the Winnipeg Jets. The backhand saucer assist through the zone to Hossa was incredible.


Bouquet – to the guy who works at Wal-mart who responded to my “How’s it going?” with a dead pan “I’m living the dream”. You had me giggling like Alain Vigneault at Vern Fiddler.