December 11, 2013

Dobber Sports


Morning update: Alex Tanguay had a setback in his recovery from his knee injury and will be sidelined indefinitely. In this article, it sounds pretty bad and I wouldn’t count on him before February.


Anyone have any side bets as to what I’d kick off today’s ramblings with, after watching the highlights of last night’s games? If you put your money on the topic of Cam Atkinson, it was a wise move. Yes, I have my man crushes. I’ve been doing this a long time and let me tell you – I get the most pleasure out of picking up on a player early in his prospect days, watching his progress, and at each step he checks off a box on my imaginary sheet of things I’d like to see in order to feel confident in him as a fantasy prospect. Atkinson has checked all of those boxes except this latest one. I wanted to see 40 points and no injuries this year. His four points last night put him back on track, but it’s good to see. We’ve all been there – drafting a prospect, holding onto him and feeling hopes rise with each passing season. The only difference between what you feel when that happens and what I feel right now is that I have the added pressure of a website with thousands of people watching to see if I called it right, or if I blew another one. As long as Atkinson stays healthy, I’ll be right about this one. Temper expectations – stick to the 40-point plan. But great things to come.

What’s sparked Cam of late is the return from injury of Matt Calvert. Now Calvert isn’t anything special, in fact Atkinson is far superior in both talent now and long-term upside. But something about those two together get them both going. Maybe Atkinson won’t need the help in the future, but early in his young career I think he needs the chemistry. And adding Brandon Dubinsky to the line has worked well the last couple of games.

Dubinsky’s four points put him back on pace for over 50 on the season. Throw in his 196 PIM pace and that’s quite the fantasy gold.


Another Dobber Darling (as one of you coined a couple of years ago – I kinda like it) is Tyler Johnson, who also had a big night with three points. Expectations for him are the same as they are with Atkinson, but Johnson is playing with a slightly better linemate – take a look: