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On the perpetually under-rated Avalanche winger…

Fellow DobberHockey writer Dallas Guzzwell this past Friday wrote his forensics article on P.A. Parenteau and at the end he suggest that you sell/trade him for a 60 point player when and if you can.


I say hold him if you got him or buy if you can for no more than a 45 point player/prospect. So how to convince the guy who's got him to trade him to you for your price?


First, if you don't have him and want to get him, show his current stats in comparison to the last two seasons to the guy who currently owns him. As Dallas alludes to in his article, Parenteau's production is down from the 0.90 points per game pace set in the 2012-13 season and the 0.84 points per game pace in 2011-12. He's now down to 0.60 points per game this season. Wow that is huge.


Secondly, emphasize that he is no longer playing the majority of time with Matt Duchene (or John Tavares) and that his production is linked to playing with these top line guys. Give the guy the link to Dallas' article.


Third, you can mention that he is 30 years old and is only playing in his fifth NHL season. We won't count his stint of five games with Chicago in 2006-07.


Lastly, that he was drafted 264th overall in the 2001 NHL draft by Anaheim thus the chances that he is really as good as his numbers with Tavares and Duchene show is probably wrong. They carried him. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.


Therefore, the guy should be thanking you for being interested in taking P.A. Parenteau off his hands for a reasonable player in the 45 point range. Cause they will not want to look like a fool when Parenteau's point production drops even further next year.


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Why though should you be interested Parenteau?


This year's pace is similar to his first season with the New York Islanders (2010-11) where he accumulated 53 points in 81 games. It was only the start of his pairing with Tavares which most people didn't think wou