Top 100 Roto – December 2013

Austin Wallace



 Welcome to the third edition of the new Top 100 Roto! Like everything else on DobberHockey, it will hopefully assist you in evaluating the players in your league. Download December’s Top 100 Roto Here.


It may be surprising to some that Kunitz is the top ranked player in the league, but it just reinforces how much of a cross-category beast he is. In a league where you cannot win with just points, a player such as Kunitz is invaluable. The only category where he is not at least a tier-3 is penalty minutes, and he is still the best of the top five in that dubious category. For reference, only eight players in the overall Top 100, on average, are in the top two tiers for a given category. While he may not dominate goals like Stamkos, or assists like Crosby, his consistent greatness makes him the best own in a league that equally weights these categories.


It is worth noting that a plus/minus rating of three is the highest obtained by anyone in the overall Top 100. Multiple players have top scores in any given season, but not a single player has consistently maintained an elite plus/minus over multiple seasons.


At the other end of the spectrum, 22 players get top scores in shots on goal. Even though a comparable number of players earn top marks in plus/minus in any given season, the shooting rates for top players seem to more repeatable. As always, comments or suggestions are always welcome at @austeane on twitter or [email protected].

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