Draft Street: $75,000 Fantasy Hockey Championship

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$75,000 Daily Fantasy Hockey Championship


Every month of the NHL season over $250,000 is won playing daily fantasy hockey at DraftStreet. Any day there are NHL games on the schedule you can enter leagues, draft players and get an opportunity to win huge cash prizes.


This hockey season you can win a share of $75,000 in the DraftStreet Daily Fantasy Hockey Championship. 30 players will qualify to win a share of $75,000 guaranteed with a 1st Place Prize of $12,000 going to the Champion.


How To Qualify for the $75,000 Championship:

  1. 1.Sign Up at DraftStreet
  2. 2.Win a Championship Qualifying Event


It really is that simple. 3 Championship Qualifying events are held each week ranging in entry fee from $11 to $55. You can also win you way into a Championship Qualifier through our $2 and $5 satellites held every day.

How To Draft a Team:

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  1. 1.Select 2 Left Wing, 2 Right Wing, 2 Center, 2 Defense and 1 Goalie
  2. 2.Stay under the $100,000 salary cap
  3. 3.Save Your Team


Each day salaries are adjusted by DraftStreet based on the expected player fantasy point totals. It is up to you to pick the players you think will perform best. Then just sit back and enjoy the hockey games knowing that you have a chance to win a share of $75,000 and become the DraftStreet Fantasy Hockey Champion.

Deposit Bonus:


In order to win money you need to deposit money and if you are new to DraftStreet we will welcome your first Deposit with up to $200 in bonus that will be released as you play in cash leagues.


Daily Fantasy is 100% legal in US and Canada so you can use any form of payment you like from Visa to Paypal