Forensics: Jaden Schwartz

Tom Collins



Jaden Schwartz is having a breakout season. Can he keep it up?


It's never easy to trade a young guy in a keeper pool, and it's even harder to trade a young guy with a great cap hit in a salary cap league.


But last week, I made a deal in a cap league that saw me trade Jaden Schwartz. It wasn't an easy move, as Schwartz is having a great season. However, Henrik Lundqvist was coming back and goalie help was needed as Braydon Holtby and Ondrej Pavelec weren't getting it done. (For the record, the complete deal was Jaden Schwartz, Jakub Voracek and Michael Del Zotto for Henrik Lundqvist, Carl Hagelin and Jamie McBain.)



I'm still wondering if it was the right move. Schwartz is one of the best left wingers in the league this season, despite going the last five games without a point. Plus, with his low cap hit — just $830,000 this season — Schwartz is one of the best bargains in cap leagues. He's one of seven Blues to already hit the 30-point mark as he has 15 goals and 32 points.


Why is the soon-to-be-RFA having such a great season, and can he keep up this pace?

Let's start by looking at his linemates this season, according to Frozen Pool.




Line Combination