February 27, 2014

steve laidlaw



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I'm baaaaaack!


You'll have to excuse my over-exuberance. It feels like forever since I last rambled but in reality that was just eight days ago. A lot happened over those eight days including a trip I took down to Toronto for the DobberHockey event.


That was a great time with a bunch of great guys. Next time there is an event I recommend you come out because good times were had by all.


One of the things that struck me was how patient and appreciative everyone was with listening to and sharing fantasy stories with one another. Not that I should've been surprised considering it was a group of readers and writers who frequent this site that is all about discussing fantasy stories, particularly with the forum being a place for exactly that but I was still awestruck to see it in person.


Something I've heard is that there is nothing more boring than hearing about someone else's fantasy team. I've never experienced that myself, I love fielding fantasy questions but it's something that has always kept me reserved in many social environments. At the Dobber event though, it was uninhibited fantasy hockey talk. Just a great time.


Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope it’s not too long before we can all hang out again.




The Olympic tournament also concluded over the weekend, which was just strange in how it played out. The women's Gold Medal game was just insane and was arguably the high point of Olympic hockey on both the men's and women's side.


Sean McIndoe had a great breakdown of how that game played out.


From there we had entertaining but predictable results in the semis and anticlimactic domination in both the Bronze and Gold Medal games on the men's side.




One thing to keep in mind with regard to players who had great performances in the Olympics is sample size. Teams played only six games or less. You can't hardly draw conclusions from such a small sample. We see it every year over the first couple of weeks of the season – guys randomly putting up huge numbers only to fizzle.


Take Drew Doughty for instance. There are plenty of reasons why he would go off in the Olympics and not in Los Angeles but regardless of those reasons you are drawing on a small sample if you want to consider his Olympic performance a reflection of his ability.


And really, the style at the Olympics was different from what you'll see in the NHL. Those Olympic games were slow and all about puck possession. To compound things Canada's opponent's packed it in like crazy so the points were wide open. Doughty couldn't help but get chances with all the time he had out there. He won't get that same treatment in the NHL.


Of course, the Kings could still do a better job of unleashing him on opponents but it's not like it will be as easy as it looked on Team Canada.




Okay, enough of that Olympic crap. I don't want to see another game on big ice until the 2016 World Juniors in Finland. On to NHL hockey. Yes, it's back too!!!