5 Common Fantasy Hockey Deadline Mistakes – 2014

Rick Roos




Five common mistakes fantasy hockey owners make at the Trade Deadline


This week – Roos looks back at his Holding Court column from last year and, what do ya know? With a few updates, it’s still quite relevant!

What's really interesting – but often overlooked – about the trade deadline is how it can cause even smart fantasy hockey GMs to make easily avoidable errors or to exercise poor judgment. Knowing this, here's my trade deadline article from last year.  The advice remains the same, although I've added some fresh names for reference to the 2013-14 season.


Mistake #1 – Buying into the hype

The NHL trade deadline has been a big event since the 1980s, and even now the number of deals made on that single day can be comparable to the total number from the rest of the regular season. But the reality is that nowadays the trade deadline feels more significant than in the past, what with weeks of rumors and a few high profile pre-deadline deals culminating in 24-hour TSN and NHL Network coverage on the day itself.

If you take a look at the actual deals that occurred on deadline day over the past two years in particular, you'll see that there really weren't any involving impact players like top 30 scorers or stud defensemen. This is due to many factors, including economics, no trade clauses, and more teams feeling they're still in the race for a playoff spot.

What does end up happening on deadline day is a microscope gets put on the deals that actually occur, and their signific