Forensics Tyler Bozak

Anthony Lancione



Tyler Bozak is a first-line center you can believe in.

There are a myriad of angles that can be ventured into when attempting to diagnose what went awry in the latest Toronto Maple Leaf crumbling. It's the third consecutive season which ended in a collapse of epic proportions for the franchise. This time with new swagger-filled, front man, Tim Lieweke, overseeing everything macro oriented for MLSE- results-wise, expect heads to fly! Will there be an appropriate scape goat? Possibly, but the problems are too deep-rooted to properly dissect in this platform.


Instead, we'll take a deeper look at one of the Maple Leafs' more controversial figures, 'First Line Centre', Tyler Bozak.

Over his four-plus-year tenure on Bay Street, he's certainly shown glimpses of being a fine young player, both with creativity in distributing the puck as well as a certain offensive flair.


However, many fans, media and pundits alike harbor a degree of resentment to Toronto upper brass for treating him (both financially and TOI-wise) as if he were on the same playing field as first line pivots you might find in Boston, Philadephia or Detroit.


The fact of the matter is, at a cap hit of $4.2 Million, you're actually getting a decent ROI (Return on Investment). With 49 points in 57 games, Bozak has put together a 0.86 PPG pace of production.


Tyler Bozak's Full Time Career Stats with Toronto