Geek of the Week – 2014 All-Geek Team

Terry Campkin



Terry Campkin names his “All-Geek Team” for the 2013-14 Fantasy Hockey Season.

As the regular season comes to a close tonight, it's a great time to sit and reflect on what were some of the great finds of the year. Geek of the Week has hit on a decent number of the players profiled in this spot over the season but I always like to identify the ones who stand out most at year end. Admittedly, this article may be a bit on the shameless self-promotion end, but I'll balance it out next week when I revisit all of the failures. With that, I give you my 2014 All-Geek tem:


LW – Brandon Dubinsky: I profiled Dubinsky late in September when his average draft position was late in the 14th round and his ownership was a measly 26%. I speculated that in an 82 game season, Dubinsky had a good chance at about 57 points, 180 shots and 200 hits. He has missed a couple of games, but as of Friday morning his 82 game pace is for 54 points, 204 shots and 255 hits! Here's how Fantasy Hockey Geek calculates his actual value in the league I originally used:


Rank Player Goals Assists +/- PPP Shots Hits
61 Brandon Dubinsky 16 32 7 10 179 230


Dubinsky has been the 61st most valuable player in a league of this format this season! Compare that value to my original article where I used the what-if tool on FHG to estimate that Dubinsky would end up as about the 62nd most valuable player. Dubisnky came through for me in a big way and far exceeded his average draft position of 160th. He is also now 62% owned, which is almost triple where he was when the article was published.


RW – David Backes: I came out with my Backes piece even earlier in September and at the time he was being drafted 120th overall on average. I pegged Backes for about 55 points to go with his beastly peripherals, giving him a projected value around 31st overall. As of Friday morning, Backes has exactly 55 points and take a look at the value: