April 23, 2014

Dobber Sports


Is Ben Bishop a “sell high”?

In a word – no.

While he may have peaked last season at 37 wins with the nice stats to go with it, the “sell high” window was in-season. Now, in the offseason, he won’t get the respect he deserves. Because I think he’ll still be a 35-win guy, maybe not quite as great as he was this past season. But your fellow owners will treat him the way they treated Bobrovsky last summer – with extreme caution. They won’t pay much for him and you are better off keeping him. My two cents.


For those interested in the silly little Ron MacLean referee fiasco, he apologized. If words can be taken out of context and twisted into a pretend issue, then the babies and drama queens will jump on them and make them into a pretend issue.



Montreal is the first team to move on and they did so by playing a solid team game, rolling four lines with everybody contributing (as exemplified by Rene Bourque‘s three goals – and he had another seven shots last night). But I keep wanting to talk about a Tampa player – the rookie Ondrej Palat.

Is he one of those out-of-nowhere superstars? I just thought he looked great and it seems like everything he touches has been gold, since sometime in December. Are we going to, in 2019, look back at this year and wonder why we didn’t see this coming since he’s such a household name? Or is he a one-year wonder who will struggle next year and never find his game again? I’ve seen rookies have amazing seasons and then fizzle out – and this is after a rookie year in which you thought that there was no way he’d fail. So many to name on that list – Gilbert Dionne, Michel Ouellet, Marty Reasoner (24 points in 32 games as a rookie), Shane Willis…tons of examples. Oh sure, today you can say ‘I knew he would suck, he’s slow, he has no hands, etc, etc’ – but really, you didn’t know. They looked damn promising and you know it. But Palat strikes me as the real deal.


So with Tampa Bay eliminated, the injury news filters through. Ben Bishop had a dislocated elbow! You know, when I saw him go down my first thought was elbow…but then I thought, nah, if it was a hyper-extended elbow they would just announce that he’s done until the summer.

Per Darren Dreger:

Stamkos admits his leg hindered him. Mentally, he said didn’t have full confidence to take puck wide or drive the net. Very disappointed…. But, Stamkos says he intends on spending good portion of summer regaining strength…