Prime Cuts Team 2014 – Part One

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Gates Imbeau and Steve Laidlaw bring back the Prime Cuts Team.

Gates Imbeau and Steve Laidlaw were tasked with keeping Jeff Angus' Prime Cuts Team alive. Below is the transcript of the decision-making process. Also, check out last year's team here.

Laidlaw: So Gates, what are we going to do about this Prime Cuts team?

Imbeau: Let's build the team line by line, banter style. I'm sure there will be a fair share of debates, but that certainly gives our readers more fodder. Nothing wrong with that! Take the lead good sir, state your first line.

My top line starts with Sidney Crosby, the best player in the NHL and if you disagree I might have to put you in a camel clutch. This is the first time in years he’s played a full season. It’s boring, he’s boring but it’s the right call.

I’ve got Phil Kessel playing right wing for me. As I write this he’s third in goals and in points, all while playing for that cratering Leafs team.

Left wing is thinner that Matthew McConnaughey in Dallas Buyers Club but since we have to pick someone it’s Jamie Benn. I wanted to go Alex Steen here but then I remembered the season didn’t end in December. Benn is a beast and has people deluded into thinking Tyler Seguin is actually a better player than Taylor Hall.

Benn – Crosby – Kessel

Who is on your top line, Gates?

No surprises there. What do you expect from this season’s cream of the crop Prime Cuts? Sidney Crosby is on route to be the only skater hitting triple digits this season – no argument there. Then, Jamie Benn and Phil Kessel have easily excelled this season at their respective positions.

However, for arguments sake, how can you not take