Radim Vrbata Signs with Vancouver





Fantasy Impact: The Vancouver Canucks have signed sniper Radim Vrbata to a two-year deal worth $10 million



The Canucks get: a five-time (pro-rated, lockout year) 20-goal scorer and a recent 35-goal man. You can pencil him in right now on the Sedin line. Bah, may as well use permanent marker.



Fantasy Players Impacted: It’s a good fit for Vrbata, although I’d be leary of his leaving Phoenix to go anywhere – his last foray into free agency led him to Tampa Bay. And that ended with him heading back to Europe until he was traded back to Phoenix. But he’s a proven scorer and possibly the best one that the Sedin twins have ever had on their line, when you think about all the Anson Carters, the Jason Kings, the Alex Burrows that have come and gone. But he is coming off of a subpar season.


Alex Burrows is probably not going to have that big bounce-back we were hoping for now. Not on a checking line, which is where he is now earmarked. And Nicklas Jensen owners can uncross their fingers now, because it ain’t happenin’. Daniel and Henrik themselves benefit. Another weapon on that line – don’t underestimate the value there. Teams have to focus on both sides of the ice, not just Daniel’s now.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Vrbata

2. Henrik Sedin

3. Daniel Sedin

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Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Burrows

2. Jensen

3. Zack Kassian